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Too often while building a SEO strategy for Law firms, SEO experts forget to understand that focusing only on the law firm or just the lawyer is not enough. Instead, an ideal SEO strategy should be multifaceted & should include plans for marketing both the lawyer(s) & the Law firm, along with an action plan based on the detailed analysis of your potential client's (user) behavior & top competitors in search results.

Law Firm SEO Cube (Purpose)

Law Firm SEO Cube is created with intentions of offering white-hat search engine optimization methods to Law Firms seeking to improve their online presence via customized SEO Strategies, instead of some one-size-fits-all plan approach. Unlike some other SEO experts, I do not believe in creating an SEO strategy that is based around creating hundreds of pages filled with un-necessary content. Furthermore in the long-run, any methods that are frowned upon by search engines could get your website penalized and end-up creating a significant hassle for you.

Did you know that there are potentially over 200 factors (some more important than others) that could affect how your website will be ranked? & Technically over-use or under-use of any of these factors could not only harm your law firm marketing efforts but could also potentially get SEO penalty for your website - which in all realistic scenarios is a worst law firm marketing scenario outcome - something that you always want to avoid.

(P.S. If you think your law firm website has received SEO penalty, contact me & I would be happy to look at it to review available options to get it re-eligible for ranking.)

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Let's be honest, even if you have the best lawyers working at your law firm & even if you can provide your clients with the best possible attorney-client experience, if you are unable to get new leads & clients, the future for your law firm will start looking grim. From Competitor analysis to keyword research & from onboarding to on-going SEO maintenance, review the list of organic SEO process / steps that are taken to produce results for your firm's website.
SEO Audit

SEO Audit

Already have a SEO specialist working on your website? But have some doubts or are not satisfied with your current SEO efforts in any way, or just want a second opinion, I would suggest to sign-up for ‘SEO Audit’ Option. Just like good lawyers, good SEO Audit is not cheap, however, it is cost-effective (especially compared to PPC) & provides you with an in-depth idea of your current SEO presence, along with suggested steps for improvement.
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